Jon Sealey

Design Director

Born in London and graduating from Manchester School of Architecture U.K., with over 10 years professional experience in Architecture and design Jon has completed a diverse range of projects ranging from high end retail, workplace and state of the art large scale architecture projects in Asia.

Jon started his career at Imaginations London HQ working under respected designer Alister Petrie. He then worked on large scale retail developments in and around the U.K. before moving to South Korea as an Architect and Designer.

Jon moved to Thailand in 2004 as a Senior Designer working on retail and high end hospitality projects for various high profile Asian Companies.During his time working in Asia Jon worked with the international team in a high profile Asian Architecture Practice leading and running various projects. Namely a 650,000 sq.m mix use development in Bengbu, China and the 150,000sq.m mix use development for fashion company Lilanz in Jingjiang, China and the 250,000sq.m Furniture Mall Development in Fuquin, China. Jon also worked in the hospitality studio on projects in India and China for some of the leading names in the sector. Jon was the leading designer for the Lilanz Retail Stores and the new J capsule Hotel. Jon is a Leed qualified designer with a passion for cutting edge and innovative sustainability, this has recently been exhibited in his well received proposal for The Bangkok Skyride and Skypark, a 55km major infrastructure project in central Bangkok for which he is Creative Director and Head Designer. Jon was invited to speak at Pecha Kucha in 2013, 2014, the WAD14 international conference in Shanghai in 2014 and The Modular Construction Annual Event in Bangkok, 2015.

In 2015 Jon took on the role as Creative Director for GLC, Global Luxury Council a Dubai based company focusing on a diverse range of services. Jon oversees all major design works and events taken by the company.

As an experienced Architect and Interior Designer Jon’s passion is focused on creating breathtaking design and developing new parametric and modelling and 3D printing techniques to explore and fuse the boundaries between art and Architecture.