For us, art is life.
Art is something big or small that lights up your world.
Art transforms the environment We create art.
We live in art. Art is everyday.


Architects are boring.
Architecture is stagnant.
We believe in beauty, in the poetic and the elegant.
Our architecture is sensual, sexy and romantic.
Our building can take your breath away and melt your heart.


To have a positive attitude is everything


‘If you just do one thing in your life, what will you do?’
‘To make this world more beautiful.’
Beauty: it’s something we care about so much, but often forget.
How many designers or architects start their thoughts on BEAUTY?

Blue Sky

Let’s create sky as colorful as the blue sky; romantic, powerful and extraordinary.


We are in the love business, not architecture, art or the design business.


We design with sensations and emotions.
Our designed spaces and objects make your heart skips a beat.
We create love through design.


Fashion is a feeling.
A nice dress, an extraordinary fashion show, gives me a feeling, that’s like a light ‘turned on’.
Our architecture creates the same feeling that make you feel ‘turned on’.
Clothes changes, fashion is forever, that feeling is something last forever


I feel heart-broken
I feel in love
I feel happy
Feelings inspire me, at all times


Our focus is on strength. It’s about finding what everyone is best at and making it even better. We want to make a difference, to ourselves and to the world.


The greatest pleasure is giving.
I wish we could create great things, no matter whether big or small, no matter if it’s a coffee cup or a city, that give society and people happiness and a great environment to live, work, sleep and play.


Everyday I am grateful for my eyes that can see and hands that can draw. I am grateful for all the software, computers, technology and materials. I am grateful for all the people I work with, the people I worked for and the clients and consultants of the past, present and future. We have an amazing life.


When I make a new design, I am happy, when I see the smile on the client’s face, I am happy, when a new rendering come out, I am happy, when I see a new colour, I am happy


Our job is to create harmony in the life of others, harmony in their living and working space, harmony for their eyes, body and all senses


We design with our hearts, not head

I Have a Dream

I dream of a world inspired by love I dream of designing places and things that leave you speechless.
I dream of melting your heart and taking you on adventures. I dream of overwhelming you and reducing you to tears.
I dream of making a difference.


Inspiration comes from everyday, if you just feel it and open your eyes.
I consider being an inspiration to the world a great achievement.


‘Your building is so amazing, I just want to kiss it. ‘ that’s what I like to hear


Our work aims to improve lives. When you realize you might die, it can put a lot of things in perspective for you, a lot of stuff that is worrying us or bothering us, doesn’t matter that much after all. What is important is to be happy, as much as you can, because life is short.


Its all about love, everything we do, is to create love

Never give up

That’s the most important thing Believe and never give up, keep going, keep going, keep going…

No Bullshit

This is one of the most important principles of M&J: no bullshit, that’s what it is

Nothing is Impossible

This is all I believe: nothing is impossible at M&J. We all believe in this.

Nothing is Impossible

Speaking of physicality, architects know best. Architects work in millimeters, considering very carefully the height of steps, the geometry of handrails, the thickness of insulation panels, the composition of the concrete mix, the location of drainage holes…However, architecture is stuck, stuck by a lack of emotional connection with people, stuck at all the numbers, angels, radius, line width…Architects forgot architecture is an emotional need as well as physical; architecture should be, Sexy, sensual and romantic.


I think architecture should be romantic, sensual, mysterious. When you look at that building, you are excited, you just want to kiss, touch, smell and see something more…


Our designs always start with a story. Good stories sell.


Our style is versatile. We can do futuristic, contemporary, Chinese, European, classical, minimalist, fancy, simple etc. Because there is no boundary.


Success is Love.


No matter big or small, if a design engages emotions, its adding value


Every architecture has a voice, I wish my building can sing and dance.
The sunflower, the sunshine, and the colour of M&J office carpet.